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Running Yogini

  • An Integrative Approach to Achievement

    Running Yogini started as a way to integrate the knowledge and experience of a certified running coach, yoga trainer and life strategies coach to bring a whole-person approach to wellness. Integrating the success of executive management of social wellness programs and events provides insights and opportunities to learn, develop and grow as individuals and as positive contributors to the community.

    Individual Wellness

    Individual wellness integrates mind, body and spirit awareness to create a model for life-long wellness and achievement. People share their courage in their attempt to achieve individual wellness goals and share the joy and satisfaction of their accomplishments within their social network. This intertwining nature of individual wellness and social wellness mobilizes peers to make themselves and their communities better. Shared stories instruct, educate and inspire people to believe they can take control of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

    Social Wellness

    Social wellness integrates individual wellness with awareness of the well-being of community members. Social wellness programs and events promote positive wellness benefits to a community and is inclusive of all citizens regardless of ability or social situation. The intrinsic value of a social wellness program is to improve the well-being of the citizens served and to provide an environment in which they thrive. Effective social wellness engages community members to take a proactive approach to their own wellness and empowers them to take ownership of the wellness of their community.

    Wellness Economics

    Wellness economics integrates attitude and approach in the achievement of individual wellness and social wellness. Tremendous growth in the wellness industry is an increasing area of focus for economic development. The State of Colorado and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade has recognized the potential as an economic driver with their Health and Wellness Initiative. The state wishes to create an environment of opportunities for innovation in the wellness industry, to become a leader in equalizing the discrepancy of investment in favor of proactive wellness programs versus reactive health rehabilitation, while encouraging technological advancement in the approach to wellness.

    Running Yogini advocates for individual wellness, social wellness and positive growth in the wellness industry through writing, speaking and engaging community leaders and as a proponent for programs and events that empowers people to create a model for life-long wellness and achievement.

    Thank you for your continued support as the Running Yogini website is being updated. Please contact for more information and follow on twitter @running_yogini, facebook /RunningYoginiPage and google+ +RunningYogini.


    Running Yogini ~ Angela EwariIntegrating mind, body and spirit awareness to create a model for life-long wellness and achievement. 

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